happy new year bebs

name: becca| date: 1/1/17 |listening to: you gotta not by little mix |mood: cheerful
it's been a hot minute since i updated you guys. so far this new year is starting off good but it's only just day 1 of 364 days. i'm honestly not all that excited to turn 22 this year, time is going by too fast and i'm not ready for it. anyways i am deeply in love with this layout that kecia made for me. it's very different and the colors have a wonderful spring vibe. i would totally recommend buying anything from this woman because everything is always 100% perfect and the quality is flawless! her webstore is here go take a look and trust me, it will be worth it ♡

i'm at an all time low

name: becca| date: 11/18/16 |listening to: all time low by jon bellion |mood: happy ♡
it feels like forever you guys!! i finally found the motivation to update mintcrave and i can honestly say that i am in love with everything. i want to give a big thank you to kecia for pimping out this lovely stylesheet. i hope you guys enjoy everything and hopefully all the links work hehehe. oh and the reason why there is little content is because if i do a lot, i'll end up losing motivation and end up never updating. i promise you all that i'll get some more stuff added but it's gonna take me some time xoxo